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About Graci

Graci on Griddle GuitarGraci is a a Kowi (Korean-Kiwi) currently living in Beijing. She is the writer and host of Graci In The Kitchen, serving you delicious morsels for the mind, body and soul.

Originally starting as a modest online cooking show, Graci In The Kitchen pioneered the concept of mood-based cooking. The show was picked up and broadcast over a number of TV-On-Demand networks, reaching almost a million viewers within its first year.

Today, Graci In The Kitchen is more than just a cooking show. It’s a place where hungry people can munch on Food for Thought. What is that, you ask? Check out the “Food for the Mind and Soul” section of the website.

When not cooking or writing, Graci is a diplomat for the New Zealand government. She is also the founder of, a social enterprise that brings imaginations to life by turning drawings into real life soft toys. All profits for 2015/16 will be donated to charity so that one child’s joy is another’s survival.

Graci is also the author and co-producer of an interactive children’s book for the iPad called My Sister’s Not Like Other Sisters, which reached No.1 in the Apple App Store’s Top iPad Book category in New Zealand.

Graci loves creating, laughing with her head thrown back, cute dog videos, and enjoying the little things in life.

You can contact Graci at

  • Warren

    Production value looks great in season 2 teaser 🙂

    • GraciInTheKitchen

      Hi Warren! Thank you very much 🙂 Baby steps, right?! 😀

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