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Food for the Body: Cooking Show

Dubbed a “sensualist”, Graci’s style has been likened to kitchen goddesses Nigella Lawson and Giada de Laurentiis. In fact, international television network KoldcastTV, seen in over 200 countries, heralded GITK as a “new trailblazer in a genre confined by familiar branding formulas.”

Originally starting as a modest YouTube channel, GITK season one (2012) introduced the holistic concept of mood-based food that feeds the mind, body and soul. The show was picked up and broadcast over a number of different TV-On-Demand networks, reaching almost a million viewers within its first year.

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Who is Graci, the host of GITK?

Graci on Griddle GuitarGraci is a a Kowi (Korean-Kiwi, aka Korean-New Zealander) with an uncanny love for food and everything to do with it. She grew up in a family of food-lovers in New Zealand and worked at her dad’s restaurant for over 10 years. However, she says her family used to just laugh or run away if she offered to cook them anything. It was only until she left home and really started to miss “home food” that she started to practice, experiment and flex her culinary muscles. (and yes, her family has come around to her cooking since then!)

It was her passion for the art of food and her desire to inspire that led her to start Graci In The Kitchen in 2012, with the concept of mood-based food for the mind, body and soul. Graci believes that food is important for feeding the body, but that it is equally as important to feed our minds and souls with inspirational and heart-warming morsels.

You can contact Graci at

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