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(Bite6) FEELING WEDGED: Mango Jello Wedges

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Last week you told me you wanted to see me making something with Mango, so here it is! Cute little Mango Jello Wedges, which are perfect as a small party treat, or to share them with your dog… 😀
Graci In the Kitchen is a cooking show with a twist! Join Graci as she picks a mood, and then explores how we can feed the body, mind, and soul when we’re feeling this way.
Graci’s Wee Bites are short clips of Graci’s kitchen tricks and ramblings, giving you your weekly dose of Graci when in-between episodes.

  • Autumn Black

    They look beautiful and delicious! I will definitely try these.

    • Graci Kim

      Thank you for the comment Autumn! That’s fantastic, I’d love to know how you go 🙂 By the way – you have a beautiful name! graci

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