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GITK is now on iFood TV!

GITK is now on iFood TV!

Hurro everyone! Graci In The Kitchen Season 1 wrapped up in December 2012, but the content is still being shared over new exciting mediums like on iFood TV!

“ is a multi-platform video channel for food and cooking content. videos are available on the web (, mobile devices (iOS and Android), and Connected TV platforms (Roku, Boxee, Google TV, Samsung TV, and others). Within a short period of time, has not only curated the largest library of cooking videos but also become the most-trafficked site in the food-video space.”

  • Elroy Jetson

    I hope this is on my Roku. You know, I’ve been waiting for a “Graci Streaming Channel” for a while now. You should post your own Roku Channel!
    Actually, where I first found you, one of the channels had your tea biscuits video. Of course, it was love at first sight, …and the biscuits were pretty good too. Lol!

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