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My Friend Serina’s Awesome Blog:

My Friend Serina’s Awesome Blog:

I’ve met some amazing people since I moved to Taipei in late March this year. Serina is definitely one of them, and since she’s totally awesome, I thought I’d share with all you guys why she’s such a brilliant woman and also tell you a little bit about her blog!

At first glance, Serina’s blog is a useful place you can learn about Taiwan’s vibrant food culture, read about interesting local places, experience Taiwanese cultural insights, and even learn a few local recipes. But as a “Taiwan xifu” (Taiwan daughter-in-law), Serina’s blog is more than just a collection of writing about food, travel, culture and life in Taiwan. It’s more like a virtual bridge for people to better understand Taiwanese culture. (Incidentally, most ‘Taiwan xifu” are from South East Asia and is often associated with downtrodden foreign brides. I agree with Serina that it’s pretty empowering to use this term then in a positive context – to talk about the things she loves about Taiwan).

One of the recent topics Serina has been writing about (which I found really interesting!) came about thanks to the gorgeous wee smiley addition to the family (her second baby!). It’s about her personal experience going through the Chinese tradition of “zuo yuezi” – which involves not being able to go outside, wash your hair, have a shower, read a book, or even use a computer during the first 30 days after birth. WAH?!?!? She blogged about why she decided to go into such confinement, what rules she broke (hehe), and continues to blog about the various “zuo yuezi” recipes.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you guys for some interesting reading! I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Serina is one awesome woman!

Happy eating my friends (^.^)

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