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(S2Ep1) Feeling Moody: Homemade Icecream Wraps

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Feeling Moody? When I’m moody, I just want to eat icecream, so let me show you how to make a deliciously simple icecream dish at home using bananas. Bananas have high levels of typtophan that turn into happy-mood neurotransmitters, which means they are perfect for when you’re in that moody state of mind!

Presenter/Producer: Graci Kim
DoP/Director: PolakTV
Exec Producer: Verity Mackintosh
Hair/Makeup: Kimora Lee Hair
Wardrobe: Lin Dian Jen – aka Dijon
Friend: Maggie Foucault
Crew Support: Daniel Openshaw

MUSIC: Opening Titles-Life is good 2, Location-Festival, Recipe/Quote-Standing Here, Kitchen-Monks, Rubber necking, Closing Sequence-Play with me 2



  • Bananas (4 medium sized, peeled and pre-frozen)
  • Vanilla extract (2tsp)
  • Maple syrup or honey (a good dollop)
  • Coconut cream (up to 1/4 cup)
  • Salt (pinch)
  • Favourite store-bought wraps
  • Crushed/parched peanut powder (few tbsp)
  • Brown sugar (few tbsp)
  • Fresh coriander/cilantro (one bunch) (optional)

(1)  Pre-freeze your bananas by peeling them, breaking them into small chunks and putting them in a plastic bag.

(2)  When you want to eat your super easy homemade icecream wraps, take the bananas out of the freezer, and put them into a blender/food processor.

(3)  Add vanilla extract, maple syrup, coconut cream, salt and blitz away until the texture is like a smooth, creamy soft serve icecream.

(4)  Lay your favourite store-bought wrap onto a flat surface and scoop 2-3 of the homemade icecream into the centre of the wrap.

(5)  Sprinkle some crushed/parched peanut powder and brown sugar on top of your icecream, and sprinkle a bit of coriander/cilantro on top if you like the taste of it.

(6)  Fold in the side of the wrap closest to you, then the sides, and then roll up the entire wrap, making sure all the icecream is contained inside.

(7)  Serve immediately !

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