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The Crew

Verity Mackintosh
Executive Producer (Season 2)

verityThough currently based in Beijing, China, Verity was born and raised in Aotearoa (New Zealand), where she studied television, then worked as a production ninja across broadcast TV, multimedia installations, and internet broadcast media.

Verity is quite nifty as she is also a mother to a gorgeous wee monster & a part time documentary, portrait photographer. She has managed to wrangle three islands together, Taiwan, China, and Singapore to shoot, produce and edit the entire season 2 of Graci In The Kitchen via the internet with the help from a lot of talented individuals and great friends and family.

Kimora Lee
Hair & Makeup (Season 2)

Kimora Lee Hair graduated from The Gene Juarez Academy of Seattle. She has been licensed for 3 years now and fully engaged to the beauty industry . Kimora loves bold styles, staying up to hair trends and cosmetic beauties of all types. Kimora likes to do side projects to add to her Cosmetology Resume and Hair Portfolio, believing that every experience will add to her skill as a professional Hairstylist. She also has a very special interest in Reggae music and is also Co Owner to Seattle DancehallTv , covering the reggae scene in Seattle. Stay up with Kimora via Facebook: Kimora Lee Hair or Instagram: kimoraleehair

Lin Dian Jen – aka Dijon
Wardrobe (Season 2)

Dijon is a Fashion Design major currently based in Taipei. She has worked with the Taiwan Textile Foundation to organise seasonal fashion shows in Taipei, including the show “Taipei in Style”. She works freelance with many photographers, cinematographers, fellow fashion designers, musicians and artists that pass through Taiwan. Dijon believes that each project is a unique experience that helps her skills develop and grow into a holistic fashion designer.

Austin Yoder
The Internets (Season 1+2)

Austin’s background is in tea and the internets, and he is fortunate to be based in Taipei just a hop, skip, and a jump away from all of the best tea in the world. He is passionate about food and beverage related projects, helping them to grow, and helping them to reach an audience of people who are in love with food and beverages. You can find more about Austin at

Cracked Aperture
Filming & Editing (Season 1)

Cracked Aperture is a small production and editing company based in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded by a duo of expat American filmmakers Alex Flenniken and Drew Toop, post-production has become the company’s most significant focus. Cracked Aperture offers a variety of services from media ingestion to export. More information can be found at


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